How do you dribble the puck fast at speed?

You don't.

If you watch these clips, you'll notice that the stickhandling is quite rough. It's not the "roll your wrists" movement that stickhandling instructors teach standing still. It's more like bumping the puck to keep it in control while you manoeuvre your feet.

At low levels, it's possible to stickhandle your way around defenders. Like you can literally get them to reach for pucks, and you can pull them out of position, and then go around them.

At higher levels and if you want to be more effective, dekes, dangles, and manoeuvres are done with footwork. To transitioning from an outside edge to an anchor like Crosby does here.

The stickhandling isn't so much fast as it is rhythmic and in synch with the footwork.

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