What is the format of the Downhill Skating System?

There are four parts of the Downhill Skating System:

  1. Video Lessons, Presentations, and Drills
  2. Facebook Group
  3. Weekly Q&A's
  4. The Tech Stack

Video Lessons, Presentations, and Drills

This is your home base: app.train2point0.com

Your account information, notification, and all your learning content is available here.

Facebook Group

We have a hugely underrated community of hockey nuts contributing as part of the Facebook Group. This is where you post your video, get feedback, and contribute to the learning of the entire community of whackjobs who are overly obsessed with hockey.

This is the hardest part for most people. They want to play it safe and send their clips directly to me. But I don't do 1on1 clip analysis. This is partly because I just don't have enough time, but also because it's extremely generous to share. Every time someone contributes by posting a video, sharing feedback, or offering their perspective - the entire group evolves and levels up. So many players are afraid to share until I push them to. And then it's the most rewarding experience of their hockey development. When they learn that other hockey players want to help them and that they don't have to shy away from that.

Weekly Q&A's

We go live on a video call every week. You'll be able to chat directly to me and we'll go over video together. Massive breakthroughs happen here.

The Tech Stack

I've built two apps to support players with their development in the Downhill Skating System. First, is the XLR8 App which allows players to compare their videos to DSS example videos in real time. This dramatically increases the speed of feedback, and cuts the learning cycle by a factor of 10x or more. 

The other app is called MyPTHub which includes all our drills in an app so you can have them on your phone when you're practicing.

If you're wanting to work 1on1 with me, please read this article.

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