Is the Downhill Skating System for a certain age?

The real question is: what mountain do you want to climb?

There's the power skating mountain. By the end of it, you look like this right?

Nope. Knees bent, forward arm swing, chest up, push harder. All things power skaters teach - but just watch McDavid...

You can climb the power skating mountain. When you get to the top you will have perfected power skating. But I guarantee you that you won't be a masterful hockey player. That's exactly what I did, and it cost me my true potential - at a time when I needed my true potential. 

The Downhill Skating System is based on the most natural and effortless mechanics of the BEST NHLers. Then I learned how to regress the drills so that players of any level (even pros) can grasp the concepts. I make that statement in jest - but also because it's true. The players who have the hardest time learning Downhill Skating is not the beginners, the young or the old. It's the pros who are so close to their potential - but not all the way there. I find that they want to skip over the foundations that in fact hold them back. Whereas younger, older, and less experienced players expect to build up from the boring foundations.

You can start this at any age. But you don't hit your true movement potential until you grasp the fundamentals of the DSS. You need to climb the DSS eventually if you want to move that way your body naturally wants to move on the ice. It's up to you when that is for you. 

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