Do you need to be on the ice to improve?

Many of you know that I grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada. It's one of two major cities in Canada where it isn't cold enough for outdoor rinks. 

I would often blame my lack of ice for my lack of success in hockey. And this story would be justified because when I got into junior hockey I was able to get free ice all the time. And I took advantage of it. Plus, I really only had a tiny garage to practice in. And I took full advantage of it. 

I realize now that I blamed my lack of ice so that I didn't have to take full responsibility for my hockey development. The truth is that this is an excuse. Especially today.

Two things have changed since the 1990's and 2000's when I was growing up.

  1. The Internet
  2. Training Tools

The Internet

The internet allows for two major opportunities:

  • The ability to systematically study players' patterns, mechanics, and tactics through endless hours of video on YouTube and Instagram
  • No geographic barriers to experts. You get access to the thoughts, coaching, and research of the best minds in the world - no matter what city you live in.

Training Tools

We had a small house. And I wasn't allowed to use a stick in the house. But today, you can use a floorball stick and ball to improve drastically. Plus there's a whole host of other training tools you can use inside. Or on pavement. For example the Green Biscuit didn't exist when I was growing up. This has really changed.


Examine if your story around this is an excuse or a "reason". Hint, they're both the same thing. 

I just want to be straight with you about what held me back so you don't make the same mistake. The mistake isn't taking action - the mistake is about what you tell yourself about why you can't take action.

Today, I'm watching hours of video each day, stickhandling with my floorball stick, and using my Green Biscuit and Marsblades. When I get on the ice I love it. And I do my best to get on the ice. But I never make the EXCUSE that I can't take my game to a new level. If you're serious, you won't either.

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