What do you mean by Natural Instinct and the Path Of Least Resistance?

Natural instinct is your body's natural way of moving. The least amount of effort due to the highest mechanical advantage.

The Path Of Least Resistance is how you develop your Natural Instinct.

Water flowing down a mountain always follow the Natural Force of gravity. It blends with its environment. It follows the Principle of Least Action.

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Sometimes the water goes down the wrong path. It gets stuck and it pools.

Some hockey players stop there. They shut off the flow. They think they are the pool. But they are not. They are flowing water.

If you keep flowing. If you rise the tide. The water eventually finds a new path down the mountain. The pool is just a temporary stop.

Fear freezes water.

Some coaches set up damns to forcibly redirect water.

Both are counterproductive to the True Player.

The one who seeks Truth. The Truth of your full potential. Who can you TRUly become?

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