How To Work 1on1 With Jason

Working 1on1 with coaches is not the most efficient way to become a great hockey player - except in a few cases.

Here is why 1on1 work is not the most efficient way to develop your greatness

  • It prevents self-sufficiency. Students who work 1on1 with coaches come to rely on that coach for all their learnings and results. In order to become great, the student must take initiative and be a self-starter. They must be a serious student of the game.
  • It ignores the reality. Reality is that you will spend 99% of your time away from your coach. To become great, you must be dedicated to greatness the remaining 99% of the time. Technology allows you to work with your coach and study the game without being with your coach.
  • It is a limiting belief. If you believe that you must work 1on1 with your coach in order to achieve greatness, it's likely because you don't believe in your own ability to create greatness. If you lack belief in yourself, no coach can fix that for you.

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In a few situations, 1on1 coaching is game-changing:

  • If you've consumed all of Train 2.0's learning content
  • If you've learned all the drills and practice them regularly
  • If you regularly review and compare your video to the best NHLers

It is for that reason that Jason does not work 1on1 with 99% of players. The great ones naturally jump through the hoops. And the ones that want to become great put in the work for the opportunity.

Here are the steps to apply to work 1on1 with Jason:

  • You must apply to and be accepted into the Train 2.0 Membership Program
  • You must display active involvement in the program
    • Posting videos for feedback from Train 2.0
    • Contribute feedback to the members
    • Constant progress through the courses
  • Apply to work 1on1 with Jason
    • All 1on1 work occurs at the Richmond Ice Centre in Vancouver, BC.
    • Sessions only occur Monday - Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm
    • You must apply at least 1 month prior to your intended training date

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